Melissa Wilson is a person in recovery who is passionate about helping others thrive in sobriety by using the Oola Lifestyle Framework to help them find balance, growth, and purpose while working on their mental health, self-talk, mindset, & self-esteem.
About Me 
Hey there! I’m Melissa Wilson.

Most days, you can find me hanging with my kids, reading a book, watching a movie or my fave TV shows (The Walking Dead, anyone?). I’ve also been known to put my houseplants on Instagram. What can I say?!

I am known for keeping it real in sobriety because I’m not afraid to talk about the hard things. Life in recovery is messy, imperfect, and never linear, and that’s precisely how I represent it.

I’m a driven woman, and empowerment is my game. So, I love serving women in recovery who are ready to 
face it all: The good stuff they want to make better and the painful stuff they want out of their way.

I am most passionate about mental health, personal development, and sobriety - not necessarily in that order. ;)

I’m also a HUGE believer that, as mothers in recovery, we’re creating a legacy. We’re showing our children how to do the work. We’re leading by example in the painstaking process of overcoming demons and changing the trajectory of our lives.

I want you to be the parent that’s real. That’s human. That makes mistakes and then learns and grows from them.

I want you to SHOW your children that hard things can be done.

I’m an Oola Certified Coach who provides coaching and accountability to women in recovery who are yearning for the best life imaginable. You’ve gone through the hard work of getting sober. Now you’re ready to take your healing to the next level and start crafting the sobriety of your dreams, full of peace and balance.

I’m lucky to give sober women the tools to go after their dream sober life while crushing their most painful problems.

When I’m not busy coaching badass women in recovery, you can find me:
- Playing in the dirt. I love plants, nature, and gardening. I have dozens of houseplants, and I seriously do put them on my social media.
- Harassing my kids. Razzing people is my love language, and I don’t spare my children from my sarcasm, jokes, and all around craziness.
- Shoveling snow, since I live waaaaay up north in Minnesota …. right on the Canada border.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:
1. I’m not made for cold weather. Yes, I know I live in the wrong part of the country for someone who doesn’t like the cold. (That will change soon!)
2. I’m originally from Illinois. I was born and raised there. Unfortunately, I don’t get home nearly as often as I’d like.
3. I was voted Class Clown and Class Flirt my senior year. Two titles I’m damn proud of, I might add, because they accurately display my fun side.
4. I went to college for psychology and social work. Mental health and self-improvement are totally my game!
5. I have FIVE kids in total - two bonus kids plus three biological - four girls and one boy. It’s been a wild ride!

Did we just become friends? Because you’re still here! Then grab my workbook 
Happy, Sober, and Balanced, so you can start crafting that dream life I’ve been talking about. (Think of this workbook as a dream board for your sobriety.)

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