Melissa Wilson is a person in recovery who is passionate about helping others thrive in sobriety by using the Oola Lifestyle Framework to help them find balance, growth, and purpose while working on their mental health, self-talk, mindset, & self-esteem.
About Me 
I'm an Oola Certified Coach. I offer coaching and accountability for women in sobriety so they can live a recovery with less stress & more balance while building the life they deserve.

After getting sober, I found dealing with my emotions and mental health to be one of my biggest struggles. In fact, not knowing how to handle my mental health with healthy coping strategies is exactly what lead me to relapse.

Additionally, while trying to fix all the areas of my life that were chaotic due to active addiction, I found myself overwhelmed, stressed, defeated, and hopeless. I started using the Oola Lifestyle Framework as a guide to put my life back together slowly.

In less than a year, I had found myself paying off THOUSANDS of dollars worth of debt, healing relationships with my family, going after my dream job, focusing on my health and wellness, and so much more. The Oola Framework worked for me, so I became an Oola Certified Coach to share this path with others.

This website is dedicated to providing you with content that will make your recovery do a complete 180 so that you have the tools, coping skills, and community you need to thrive in recovery!

You can expect content designed to uplift and motivate you to be your best sober self while teaching you the skills needed to THRIVE in life and stay sober, happy, and balanced!

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