3 Steps to Reduce Sugar Cravings in Early Recovery

Ever wonder why we crave sugar so badly in sobriety?

If you’re looking for a way to curb sugar cravings in recovery, check this post out. I’ll help you stop sweet cravings in no time.

This video will go through two reasons why sweet cravings are the real deal in early recovery, as well as 3 EASY steps to take to help reduce the frequency and severity of the cravings, including what to eat when craving sugar.


The ONE thing I focus on that has a Huge impact on my Recovery

Having PMDD has impacted my recovery SO MUCH, and not in a good way. 

Being the holistic person I am, I was searching for natural ways to help myself. It took me over a decade to find something that actually helped! 

If you have this condition, please know you are not alone and we can support each other. Reach out for support!