Life gets out of balance pretty friggin’ quickly!

I know it certainly has for me. These past six months have been a whirlwind of nonstop work while I try to squeeze in time for family and recovery.

That’s not how things are supposed to go!

Recovery should always be the most essential thing in your life because, if you’re not in sobriety, you risk the chance of losing it all: Your family, your friends, your job, and possibly even your life.

An unbalanced life puts you at risk for relapse because you’re not prioritizing the most important things: Your health, your sleep, your stress levels, (again) your recovery.

Granted, there are seasons of life where you have to be out of balance to get back into balance. That’s kind of where I am now. I’m working two jobs to get our finances fixed and under control while working toward my coaching certification, and then I’ll quit the second job and free up more time for recovery and family … the things that truly matter most.

It’s temporary. I know there’s an end in sight, and I’m actively working on balancing my life back out. My life being out of whack is a means to an end.

The critical distinction here is to not live in the chaos of an unbalanced life. No good comes from that sort of life.

So, how do you know if your life is unbalanced?

High stress levels and the emotional roller coaster that accompanies it are a huge red flag that you’re living an unbalanced life. When stress levels are high, it’s not uncommon for people to resort to old patterns and poor coping skills.

If you find yourself overeating, spending too much, sleeping too much or too little, fighting with your loved ones over trivial matters, or frequent thoughts and cravings for drugs and alcohol (especially your drug of choice), this is your mind’s way of trying to cope with the unusually high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body.

Usually, however, you’ll simply know in your gut that your life is out of balance. You’ll feel it on a visceral level.

Don’t underestimate your innate ability to just know that your life is off.

When you come to realize your life is off, don’t ignore it! Do something about it!

How do you get your life back into balance?

If you’re in a temporary season of unbalance that will undoubtedly end sooner rather than later, like I am right now with my two jobs, you can practice damage control. This is where serious and non-negotiable self-care comes into play.

For example, since I don’t get a full day off hardly ever, Wednesday nights are my non-negotiable self-care nights. I only work 4 hours on Wednesday morning, and the rest of the day is spent relaxing, being with my family, catching up on TV shows on my DVR, and going to bed early.

I do not allow myself to work on anything or do anything that’s not related to rest, family, and recovery.

What if you find yourself out of balance, but there’s no end in sight? What if you’ve been living in chaos for so long that it’s normal, yet you know you want or need change?

This is where you will need some help.

To get your life back in synchronicity and heading in the right direction, you’ll need to assess where you are now to see exactly what the issues are and what areas of your life need to be addressed first.

Then you’ll need to make a plan on how to move forward based on your assessment of your life’s issues.

You’ll need to develop ways to lessen the things that are holding you back while accentuating the things that will propel you forward.

Lastly, you’ll need to map out a path and set some goals to improve the areas that need the most attention.

If this sounds like a ginormous undertaking, I want you to know that having a step-by-step framework for managing these steps is what you’ll need to balance your life back out. Fortunately for you, this personal development system actually exists and is getting ready to launch.

The Oola Lifestyle Framework is a proven step-by-step personal development system that will help you create a life of balance while keeping your sobriety strong. It’s a convenient digital program that has customized coaching content that is personalized to YOU.

Not only is it easy, interactive, and fun, but it also is affordable and convenient! If you’ve ever wanted to hire a life coach but didn’t want to take the financial plunge, the Oola Lifestyle Framework would be perfect for you!

When you’re ready to find out more, head over to my website by clicking here. I have a page dedicated to the Oola program, complete with all the information you need, videos explaining the product, and even details about making a little money if you so choose.

The program has a soft launch date of June 7th with a hard launch on July 7th. You will definitely want to add your name to the waitlist to ensure you’re the first to hear about the launching details!

I’m the sort of person who walks the walk, so you bet your tush I’m going to be signing up for this program to take my life to the next level. Are you coming with me?


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