How to Take Charge of Your Negative Self Talk

For those of us in recovery, negative self-talk greatly increases our chances of having a relapse and leads to overall lower quality of life. Left unchecked, negative thoughts could push you to seek relief outside of yourself. 

Even if you don’t go back to using your drug of choice, you could find yourself dealing with addiction transfer, such as binge eating, gambling, compulsive relationships, etc.

That’s why stopping negative thoughts is an imperative part of the recovery process. You need to learn how to stop negative thoughts not only for your recovery but also for your mental health. 

In this video blog post, I will go over why negative thoughts occur, how to acknowledge them, how to address them, and why support is so important. 

What was your biggest takeaway from this video? I want to know! Leave a comment telling me what the best piece of information was to you and why. 

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