Addiction's Affect on Me
I’m sharing something raw and personal with you today. This is a picture of my vision board, which is a work in progress. I’m showing you this because I let go of it. I let go of it for a long time. I was battling with my addiction monsters there for a while, and they were winning.

Addiction made me lose sight of my goals. It made me not care about the people and things I cherish most in this life, including myself. The only thing that mattered to me was slipping off into oblivion “just one more time” so I didn’t have to deal with the world around me.

I’m standing here this morning, staring at my vision board, remembering all the passion and fire I had inside me to push me to my goals. I let go of that fire for a long time. I let go of what mattered for a long time.

I’m done treating my body and mind with disrespect. I’m done making the ones I love most think that they don’t matter, that they come second to my addiction. I’m done putting my life on hold and numbing away reality.

Today I rise … sober. 

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