Secrets To Get Through Difficult Emotions

It’s fitting that I stumbled upon this old post. I’ve been struggling with LOTS of negative emotions lately. Lots of anger the past couple of days and today I’m down, kind of blah. 

It’s not the emotions themselves that make us grow. It’s what we do with them and how we move through them that changes us and helps us grow.

I wrote this post while I was still in college. It still holds true today:

I heard someone say “a person doesn’t change when things are easy. Change happens when things are hard.” The individual who said this was referring to quitting habits. He’s 100% right.


I’ve been floating on cloud nine the past few days. I’ve been feeling good about myself & the direction of my life. I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my skin & more confident about who I am.


Unfortunately, that positive mentality is being tested, HARD. Negative events happened around my life today.


My natural tendency is to turn these negative feelings towards myself. I couldn’t concentrate very well because my mind was spinning, so I didn’t get much homework done. My natural tendency is to beat myself up about things like this & push myself too hard.


“I should have done more school work today.”

“I’m not going to get that paper done.”

“I’m not going to succeed at my business.”

“I may as well quit now.”

“Life’s never going to get better.”


Negative. Negative. Negative.



I’m choosing not to listen to those thoughts anymore. I’m choosing to stop doing school work tonight & take care of myself because I’m obviously distracted & distressed. I’m choosing to make myself a hot cup of herbal tea & sip it while I write this post. Then, I’m going to choose to listen to a guided meditation while I relax & drift off to sleep.


Change isn’t easy but change happens when life gets hard. Today I chose change instead of old behaviors & thoughts. Today I won.

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