5 Things I Do To De-Stress
Anticipation that doesn’t pan out results in stress. At least for me it does. 

What I used to do when I got stressed:
  • Yell at my kids.
  • Overeat.
  • Yell at my significant other.
  • Ruminate on the issue.
  • Blame others for my pissiness.
What I do now when I get stressed:
  • Put on essential oils.
  • Meditate - even just 5 mins.
  • Diffuse essential oils.
  • Deep breathing exercises.
  • Say positive “I am” statements.
It’s all about changing the behavioral patterns. If I want to see positive changes in my life, I have to make positive behavior changes. Not as easy as it sounds at times, but totally doable.

What can you change to destress?

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