Change your mindset about life's obstacles.
Ride on over all obstacles, and win the race. ~~Charles Dickens

I know what I’m giving you today isn’t original content, at least not content authentically mine. However, I found this passage moving and inspiring and I wanted to share it with you. Give me your feedback about how this resonates with you.

“While life’s obstacles are irritating and frustrating, they need not defeat us. Bad luck is part of everyone’s life, after all. But some people just roll with the punches and keep on going. Their secret is that they see their own power as greater than the power of any stumbling block.

Wit and the will to win are invincible in overcoming any adverse circumstance. No matter what stands between us and success, we can get over, under, or through it if we have the determination.

Healthy self-esteem demands I make the least of my unlucky circumstances and the most of my ability to overcome them.”

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Source: Larsen, E., & Hegarty, C. (1991). Believing In Myself. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc. 

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