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Success isn’t linear. It’s important that we acknowledge that. At least for me, it’s important to remind myself that success isn’t strictly positive forward motion.

Sometimes there are steps backward. Sometimes there are pauses and standstills. 

In the past, I used to kick myself when I had setbacks. I would beat myself up pretty bad. I would say things to myself that I would never have the audacity to say to another human being. I’ve had enough of treating myself that way.

Now, today, I recognize that what matters is the forward motion, the end goal, and my mindset. 

Setbacks are inevitable. That’s life. 
Steps backward are inevitable. That’s life. 
Pauses and standstills are inevitable. That’s life.

What I’ve learned is that the biggest leaps in personal growth come in those setbacks, steps backward, standstills, and pauses. 

As long as I don’t kick myself when I’m down, I’m going to grow
As long as I learn that difficult lesson life is trying to teach me, I’ll keep moving forward.
Today, I’m learning from my mistakes and setbacks. 
Today, I’m growing into the person I’ve always wanted to be. 
Today, I’m keeping my mindset positive and allowing myself to be human. 
Today, I’m learning to love myself. 

Addiction affected every aspect of ourselves: mind, body, spirit.

Our recovery should too!

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