Are you a good role model for your kids?
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Are you a good role model? Our kids are watching us for guidance, even when we think they aren’t looking. Are you leading by example?

Every day I’m rushing around from thing to thing, task to task. I get worn down. Exhausted. Defeated.

My mood is edgy and irritable because I’m not taking the time for me. I’m not taking care of my mood, my mental or physical health. I’m changing that.

I want the best for my kids, so that means I have to give them the best mother. I Have To give them the best version of me that I can. Self-care and self-love are now at the top of my to-do list.

It starts with mindset and habits. Changing things little by little with baby steps. Today I’m re-starting my meditation practice. Today is the perfect day for ME.

What are some things that you can do today to take care of yourself? Comment below and hold yourself accountable just like I did! 

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