Give fear the Middle Finger!
Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach. My palms are already sweaty. I still have 5 hours before my class starts. I begin to wonder if I’ll ever get comfortable hosting classes for my business….

I think of my goals. I think of my dreams. I sit on the couch, close my eyes, breathe deep, and visualize what a successful class will look like. Then, I visualize what my life will look like with a successful business.

What will change? What will it feel like?

I get nervous before each class, before each demonstration. I don’t let it stop me. I want what’s on the other side of my fear, more than I want my fear! 

I refuse to stop. I refuse to back down to the fear of the unknown or the fear of failure. 

I AM going to succeed. I AM going to kick ass. I AM going to achieve my dreams.

Do you have dreams? Goals? Does fear get in your way and stop you from moving forward? 

I get it. It did for me too for a long time. Reach out to me and let’s chat about how you can overcome that and start on your adventure. 

Addiction affected every aspect of ourselves: mind, body, spirit.

Our recovery should too!

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