Why Should You Want to Be a Good Parent?
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Do you worry if you’re a good parent? 🤔 I think about this and worry about it all the time. 

I’m constantly questioning myself and regretting things I say and do. There’s like this endless fear that I’m going to screw my kids up and they’ll grow into psychologically unsound adults. 

Hmmm.... Projection?

I had a thought the other day. “Never forget why you started.” Leading by example in my parenting is why I started on my transformation, my journey to a better self. 

I know that I can teach and talk and provide for my kids all day and for years on end, but it’s what I DO that shapes them into the adults they will be. That’s heavy!

My kids are constantly watching me and modeling my behavior. That’s key! As a parent, I HAVE TO have my actions align with my words. If I want my kids to eat healthy, I need to eat healthy. 

If I want my kids to treat me with respect, I need to treat me (and them) with respect. I need to MODEL how I want them to be as adults. That’s a big order to fill!

For me, admitting when I’m wrong and saying I’m sorry is important. For me, changing my behaviors when they aren’t serving me on my journey is important. For me, learning to love and appreciate myself so my kids learn to love and appreciate themselves is important.

What’s important for you when it comes to parenting? What can we learn from each other? Comment and let me know! 

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