Why You Need to Practice Yoga in Recovery - Part IV
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Here’s Part IV of my Yoga in Recovery series. Check out my last posts for Part IPart II, and Part III.

With yoga being a natural and holistic way to support your recovery, it’s only a given that adding essential oils would deepen your yoga practice, which in turn aids your recovery that much more. 

Using essential oils during your practice will enhance your time on the mat. The oils will help you reach the mental or physical state you want.


You want to use oils for a specific purpose. Diffuse the oil(s) that will inspire you on your mat.


A few Yoga practice faves are:

- Inspiration: to inspire your practice from inside

- Sacred Frankincense: to uplift the moment

- Ravintsara: for a deep breath

- Highest Potential: to bring out your highest self

- Rose: to increase your frequency

There are many other oils and blends that can help you reach the state of mind you strive for during and at the end of your yoga practice. Choose whatever oil feels appropriate to you. You may want to consider having more than one on hand so you can choose what you need at the moment. 

Yoga in and of itself is a wonderfully powerful recovery tool, and adding essential oils enhances it even further. Essential oils take the yoga bliss from a 10 out of 10 to a 15!

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