One Unrealistic Expectation I Had That Every Person in Recovery Should Know About!
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When I first got sober, I thought all my problems would go away. I thought the reason why my life was a wreck, why I was so depressed all the time, why I was completely miserable was because of all the drinking I was doing. All I needed to do was stop drinking and all the rest would go away. 



Years later I still found myself to be depressed sometimes and I was frequently discontent. Turns out that life is still life even when I’m sober. Stopping drinking doesn’t take all of life’s problems away. 

What I had was an unrealistic expectation that the ONLY problem in my life was my drinking. In the depths of active addiction, it was hard for me to see any other issue than the addiction itself. My addiction had taken center stage for so long, that I forgot the human condition contained a lot of struggles in and of itself!

This unrealistic expectation of what sobriety would be like created a huge letdown when my vision of a perfect life didn’t manifest. No wonder I was still depressed and discontent sometimes! 

My message is this: For anyone out there thinking sobriety will solve ALL your problems, please remember that life is still life! Please don’t have the same unrealistic expectation that a sober life is a perfect life. 

Yes, sobriety makes dealing with issues WAY easier. Also, being sober means we aren’t adding unnecessary BS to our problems, which just ends up making them worse. 

Sobriety is the first step to getting a happier life, a life that’s fulfilling and peaceful, BUT IT WON’T BE PERFECT! There will still be huge problems to work through and emotional pains to overcome. Sobriety makes all of that EASIER; it doesn’t take it away.

Did you have a similar unrealistic expectation of sobriety …. or am I the only one who thought this? Let me know below!

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