Does the Blame Game Keep You Stuck in Recovery?
(2-minute read)

The blame game. 

We addicts like that, don’t we? Especially in active addiction. At least I know I did!

Here’s the catch, though. If I keep doing the same things and I keep finding myself in the same shitty situations, it might not be everyone else’s fault, ya know what I mean? 🤔🤣

A benefit of recovery is learning how to own my mistakes, learn from them, and grow from them. Some recovery programs suggest writing out our BS so we can take a long hard look at all our fears, suffering, resentments, feelings, the way we harmed others, the way others harmed us, etc.

Having all our junk out on the table makes it really hard to blame others for our issues. That’s the idea behind doing the above-mentioned exercise. Learning how to own our part in any situation is vital to the recovery process. 

I’ve seen many people struggle because they can’t see how they contribute to an issue. I’ve been that person who can’t see how they contribute to an issue. The moment I can look at myself and course correct, that’s the moment when I grow in recovery.

Growing pains.❤️

What has been your experience looking at yourself and your actions like this? Let me know in the comments.

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