Do You Struggle With Difficult Emotions?
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Emotions are hard. 

Putting a disrupted life back together is difficult. 

Earning the trust of those I love is tedious and requires my patience and understanding. 

When emotionally difficult moments like this come up, I used to run away and numb out with drinking. I choose not to use that crutch anymore. I choose to face my life head-on now.

Even though I’m doing the right thing and not drinking through these rough moments, they’re still hard! 

Emotions still suck! 

Putting my life back together is tough! 

Earning trust from people takes a TON of emotional energy!

Now I run to healthy solutions.

When I’m looking to promote trust and love, or needing to release pain and grief - I choose Geranium essential oil.

When I need a serotonin boost and an enhancement of positivity - I choose Grapefruit essential oil.

When I need a mental pick me up, the release of confusion, or an energy booster - I choose Lemon essential oil.

When I need to release head tension or promote joy and mental clarity - I choose Peppermint essential oil.

When I need relaxation and restfulness or to heighten my communication ability - I choose Lavender essential oil.

Having these healthy coping skills has improved my recovery immensely! I have confidence in my ability to get through tough emotions without drinking and know that I can get through anything because I have positive strategies, such as using my oils.

I’m extremely passionate about using essential oils to enhance my recovery and support my healing journey. Would you like to learn more about how to use oils in your recovery? Comment the words HEALTHY SKILLS, and I will send you a short video on how oils can help.

The quality of your mental health directly affects your recovery!

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