Addiction is NOT the end of the world!
(2-minute read)

Nothing is the end of the world. Nothing.

No matter how low a person gets in addiction, no matter what or who they have lost, no matter if they are homeless and living on the street, there is hopeThere is always hope.

Human beings are resilient creatures. We can endure and overcome the unthinkable. 

If you’re reading this and struggling, thinking that your life will never get better so you might as well keep using or drinking, please know things do get better in sobriety. 

Please know that we can rise out of the ashes and get our lives back on track.

Please know that the end of the world has come for every addict in active addiction. 

Please know that we overcome the end of the world in recovery. Each and every one of us has. 

Did you have an “end of the world” situation in active addiction and did you overcome it? Let’s chat about it in the comments for those who NEED to hear it’s possible. 

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