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My name is Melissa Wilson. I'm an Oola Certified Coach. I'm dedicated to helping you find balance in recovery, so you can build the life of your dreams. You'll NEVER want to escape by using drugs and alcohol ever again!

I'm an advocate for working on mental health in sobriety because for far too long I struggled while sober, which ultimately led to relapse. 

I've made it my mission to help you learn how to address your emotional sobriety while finding balance so you too can build a life you NEVER want to escape from!

I'm passionate about .....


Mental Health

& Personal Development

What if you created a life so fulfilling and balanced .....

addiction and chaos became a
thing of the past?

I can help you with that!

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I share healthy coping strategies, self-care suggestions, a bit of inspiration, and much more to help you find sanity & balance, and make sense of your emotional sobriety & mental health while living a holistic & vibrant life of recovery.

Thrive in Recovery!

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