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Hey there! I'm Melissa Wilson.


In November of 2013, I gave birth to my third child. Suddenly, I was dealing with low mood and crazy mood swings. My mood would shift frequently throughout the day. 

Unwanted thoughts filled my head constantly and I felt completely out of control. Little things would set me off. I’d get angry in an instant. I could slip off into sadness without warning.

I found myself so short-tempered that I would snap at my kids. I could tell by the looks on their faces that no apology would take away the words I just said to them. 

I would pop off at my significant other too. My relationship was starting to get distant because of the constant fighting. 

Not knowing what my emotions were going to be like daily was exhausting.

It got to the point that I no longer could tolerate being in my own body. I was already feeling bad because of my mood, and now the consequences of my actions on my family were making me feel even more worthless. 

My volatile mood was starting to affect the quality of my sobriety. I was back to feeling every little emotion that I used to run from with drinking. I remember thinking “nobody gets sober to feel like this.” 

I knew I had to do something about my emotions or else I’d end up drinking again. I could not live like this. Most importantly, I did NOT want to be this type of mother!

I decided to try an antidepressant, but the side effects it caused weren’t worth it either. I didn’t feel the bad stuff anymore, but I didn’t feel the good stuff either! 

I had absolutely no sex drive. I was completely turned off by the thought of sex. When I would get intimate, I couldn’t climax. Who the hell wants that?!?! I DID NOT want to have this issue for the rest of my life!

I was numb, both physically and mentally. I had to try something else. However, I was cautious to go back to the doctor to get put on yet another medication, especially because some medications are addictive and can be bad news for people in recovery. I did not want to take that chance!

I started researching natural and holistic ways to support my emotional and mental health, along with my sobriety and kept reading about a possible solution that everyone seemed to be talking about. 

I was skeptical, though, because it seemed like they were just experiencing the placebo effect. It seemed way too simple to work. It seemed flat out ridiculous if I’m to be honest! 

But, I wanted to feel better and I was willing to try anything. My recovery and quality of life were worth it. My children were worth it. My family was worth it. 

I’m so grateful I was open to trying anything to feel better. I found exactly what I needed! I started using the products daily and was able to stop using the meds that were giving me the nasty side effects. 

Now I can change my emotional state anytime I need to! I’m the one who controls how I feel today. How empowering!! I’m taking my mental health back through natural means. 

I don’t get set off by the little things anymore. I no longer pop off at my kids and loved ones because my mood is out of control. 

In fact, I’m showing my children how I take care of myself, my sobriety, and my mental health in a constructive way! I’m finally leading by example and modeling the behavior I want them to emulate.  

Sadness is an easy emotion to move through. Stress is a manageable situation that I know I have the solution to. Best of all, I don’t worry about the quality of my life and my sobriety because I’m happy and living my best life. 

I’ve made it my mission to help others in recovery find the same path I’ve found to emotional freedom. I’d love to show you how to find serenity in recovery and teach you healthy coping skills to treat your emotions. 

I’ll introduce you to the natural, safe products I use to keep myself healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically. I have a community that is a wealth of knowledge and dedicated to helping people find serenity, and I’d love to have you join! 

Are you ready to ditch uncontrollable moods and take control of your mental health and sobriety? Contact me!

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